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As disciples of Jesus Christ, we cultivate an inclusive welcome, participatory worship, and service in the name of peace. We are an open and affirming congregation.
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Living Room Conversations on White Racism (resource list)

At First Mennonite Church, where the Sermon on the Mount and Micah 6:8 are guiding Scriptures, two groups met recently to learn and reflect on white racism and white privilege and to discern our call to "do justice" (Micah 6:8) in the context of systemic racism.  The resources used for these conversations can be found here.  We have identified possible follow-up actions and are discerning next steps as individuals and as a congregation​.

May God stir us from white denial and complicity, so that God can use us and help us remake the map, such that “Ferguson” is Nowhere. 
May it be so.